The Transcription Center, Inc. strives to partner with our customers to customize solutions to meet their documentation needs.

By successfully meeting our customer’s documentation needs, The Transcription Center, Inc. can assist our customers in achieving their business objectives and goals.

We are your documentation solution!

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Your patients first


Our services allow you to think about your patients first, while knowing your transcription is accurate and record keeping is safe and up-to-date. By using dictation, clinicians can provide patient-focused care while increasing productivity and achieving documentation goals.



The Transcription Center, Inc. offers document turnaround time compatible with your needs. We strive to always meet or exceed your desired turnaround time.

Experience and Accuracy

Experience and Accuracy

The Transcription Center, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years and our transcriptionists have more than 150 combined years of experience in their field. All documents are reviewed for quality and accuracy before delivery to your office.

Why Document?


Third-party payers view physician documentation as the most important determination of how much they will reimburse both the physician and the facility.

By using dictation, clinicians can provide patient-focused care while remaining productive and achieving documentation goals. Dictation offers an easy and cost effective way for clinicians to create excellent documentation. Medical facilities can embrace their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system without requiring a change in behavior. Healthcare professionals can use a WiFi network or cellular data connection to create documentation, review schedules and appointments, access templates and patient history using either the Android or Apple IOS platforms. With automated medical data integration, healthcare providers can spend their valuable time doing what they do best: practicing medicine to successfully treat their patients.


Your dictation is handled with care.

Our process meets all HIPAA/HITECH requirements for patient privacy by encrypting all transmissions. The Transcription Center, Inc. remains committed to using stateside transcriptionists only. Absolutely no overseas outsourcing is used in any aspect of our operation. All Transcription Center, Inc. transcriptionists are located in the United States and have years of experience as medical transcriptionists.


The Transcription Center, Inc. is now offering the flexibility of utilizing the EMDAT dictation/transcription system as part of an ongoing pursuit to enable the physician and/or client to interface with their EMR and to view documents electronically. Within the EMDAT system you can view the status for all dictation waiting to be completed, waiting for an e-signature, needing to be printed, or access a search for previously completed patient documentation.



The Transcription Center believes in customizing our services to meet the needs of each practice. Our flexibility enables you to focus on your patients.